Register Phone Call Appointment for Rs.500/-
    Register Phone Call Appointment for Rs.1000/-
  • Be treated from your home or office now
    3 Easy Steps to Get Started
  • Step No. 1 Registeration with payment

    Complete your electronic personal details in a given format, then follow the instruction to make payment for consultation.

  • Step No. 2 Talk to doctor

    Professionally qualified licenced Ayurvedic doctors will answer to your health related questions and also prescribe you medicines as per your communication. If needful, your e-prescription may be send to you via e-mail.

  • Step No. 3 Receive Care

    After telephonic consultation, doctors send your prescription to medicine dispatched section along with your unique identification number. Your prescribed medicines will be delivered at your door step within 3-4 days.

  • Quality Care is Just a Few Clicks Away

    With VEDICMEDS AYURVEDA, our exclusive network of highly experienced, certified Ayurvedic physicians are available for on phone / video consultations, wherever you are. No more driving to Hospitals/clinics or sitting in a waiting room.

    Just a few clicks, and you can connect with one of our doctors by your phone. Our on phone consultation offer you expert care 24/7, 365 days a year.

    when you get medicines under personalised treatment through our on phone consultation service, you will get personal phone no. of your concern doctor. If you have any query during your treatment about your medicine or health, you can call to your doctor directly.

  • Talk to Doctors

    Vedicmeds Ayurveda doctors are available 24/7 for phone / video consultation.

  • Certified doctors

    National physician network of top-grade, board certified Ayurvedic doctors.

  • Talk with no limits

    Take your time. There is no time limit to consult your registered certified doctor.

  • Free home delivery

    Get your prescribed Ayurvedic medicines at your door for zero delivery charges.

    Benefits to Patients
  • Mobile version for easy registration from anywhere

    Vedicmeds Ayurveda aims to improve the accessibility of Ayurvedic professionals and Ayurvedic facilities. Technology has revolutionised the healthcare sector. It is now possible to get onphone Ayurvedic consultations from the comfort of your home and offices. The patients and their families can easily reach out to experts and take medical advice onphone. Vedicmeds Ayurveda provides online / phone consultations to users, all over world. As per communication with doctors, you can also get your medicines at your door step. No need to go out for pharmacy.

    With the advancement of technology, most of the user records are available in digital format. This makes it convenient to transmit high quality data to the doctors and get an onphone diagnosis done. Patients no more have to spend time and money in travel and waiting in OPD queues, you can ask questions to doctors onphone now. Onphone doctor help/advise and medical consultations is a big relief as it helps in extending the reach of doctors to much wider areas.

    A mobile version of website is designed to easy registration for ayurvedic consultation through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers.

  • Discuss all your family health issues

    You can consult with us regarding any health related issues for age group. From new born to old people.

    Every Ayurvedic Physician in our national network is credentialed, certified, and highly experienced. In fact, they are your regular doctors. All of our providers undergo a rigorous credentialing process based upon guidelines set by the Central Council of Indian Medicine (CCIM). Additionally, Our doctors work tirelessly to ensure that each patient receives quality care, fast.

    Note : we always provide consultation through experienced doctors having minimum 5 (five) years of experince in Ayurvedic clinical practice, directly from their clinics or hospitals (not from call centers).


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